G4 Computers-Company Profile

Company Profile

Since a decade, G4 Computers has been designing, integrating and marketing Information Technology solutions in support of clients who want to improve the efficiency, speed and performance of their business.
G4 Computers assists clients to achieve return on their IT Investment Strategies by:
  • identifying which IT projects to accelerate, maintain, merge or terminate
  • identifying gaps in the current IT portfolio and recommending potential alternatives
  • Developing a brand, technology and governance structure
  • Developing investment and development plans to meet IT requirements
  • Increasing utilization
  • Maintaining uptime by using our comprehensive support and maintenance contracts
Our core focus Integrating IT products companies and service providers for small
and medium Businesses, Major Industries, Petroleum, Utilities and Government Agencies to:
  • Better manage processes
  • More fully integrate operations with business decision tools
  • Support a unified workflow
G4 Computers provides IT solutions that:
  • Increase Operational Control
  • Increase Return on Investment
  • Improve Profitability
  • Enhance Financial Accountability