G4 Computers-Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

Honesty,integrity and high standards of conduct remain the very foundation upon which we have build G4 Computers.


  • Provide ME based IT Systems Integration &Services to Small and Medium Businesses,Major Industries, Petroleum, Utilities and Government Agencies.
  • Enhance the viability of Middle East IT Systems through local support and technology transfer
  • Develop Middle East based cores of Information Technology to improve productivity of Middle East industries
  • Reduce life cycle Investment
  • Grow through ownership & long term planning


3 Critical and Fully Integrated Objectives

  • Solutions Specifically meet client requirements
  • Facilitate &promote technology transfer
  • Enhance Supply Chain Management
  • Identify and invest in IT and e-business solutions
  • Utilize standard components integrating expertise from best in class companies around the world
  • Partnerships to deliver added value to clients

Fiscal focus

  • Propose competitive and technically achievable quality solutions
  • Increase the value for our clients, partners and stakeholders
  • Create career opportunities &financial rewards for employees

Environmental focus

Actively recognize the central role we occupy in the structure of society, championing innovative partnerships, projects and ideas to improve the quality of life and the environment of a broad community in the Middle East,and around the world.