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G4 Computer PABX Solutions has tailored telephony solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes from SMEs to Large Corporates and Call Centres. All professionally installed, maintained and with 24x7 support, our PABX systems can be tailored to meet all your requirements at very affordable prices.

PABX Solutions implemented by G4 Computers can make your system VoIP enabled so you can reap the benefits of cheaper call costs. VoIP PABX works particularly well if you have two or more offices where inter-office phone calls are FREE on the same network using a 3 digit extension number! You can also get the best of both worlds and have PABX Solutions set up a gateway to route some calls throughVoIP and others through your standard ISDN phone line/s. For example all internal and inter-office calls can be configured to use VoIP and all other local, national and international calls can go through your traditional phone line making it a more cost effective solution for your organisation.

The following features are included in all tailored PABX Solutions packages:
  • Our PABX system (Cisco/Avaya/Panasonic) including handsets and installation
  • PABX maintenance
  • Competitive rates for voice calls
  • Option to buy equipment upfront or pay monthly rental
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Network Engineer
  • 24 x 7 Business Grade Technical Support
  • User friendly interface
  • Leading technology with all the latest features
  • Professional installation
  • 99.99% Service Level Agreement for complete confidence in our PABX solutions